About Us

Lisa Dendwick

Lisa has been an eyecare professional for over 25 years. She started in the lab making glasses and has a passion for quality eyewear. Years ago Lisa had been in a lab making glasses when she noticed that someone speaking with a retail associate seemed very upset. Lisa found out that the woman's uncle had fallen and broken his hip and also his glasses. Because the man had not previously been with that company we had no way of knowing what his measurements were or what kind of glasses he had been wearing. All that was known was that he had a very high prescription, and could not see clearly at any distance. There was nothing set up for the company to allow anyone to go to him and set him up with glasses. No one to volunteer and the company would not entrust any frames to any of their associates for him to try on.

This had a deep impact on Lisa. She knew that broken hips sometimes meant that you had time to say goodbye to your loved ones but that often it can mean the end of life. The thought of that man, saying good bye without ever being able to see anyone clearly -  That is where the idea first came for Everywhere Eyecare. She has set out to create a company that offers high quality products at all levels of buying power.

We have learned that everyone can appreciate the time saving factor of having us come to you.  We have learned that this way of doing business means we really have a chance to get to know our customers and what they really need out of their eyewear. Being able to see is a gift that We are glad to be able to help with.

 Lisa has also started her company reinforcing the values in which she was raised by giving back to the community. There are numerous ways that we are giving back to our community. To learn more, please check out our Corporate GiveBack program or contact us.