Shamir InTouch™

Everyday vision enhanced for Smartphones and Tablets

Providing you with the clarity you need for everyday tasks, while staying connected when using your smart phones, tablets, and e-readers.


The low-down on InTouch™

The Benefits

  • Add power appears 25% quicker
  • 22% broader reading area
  • 21% wider intermediate area
  • Progressive solution for regular usage of digital devices

Why you need it…

  • Everyday PAL designed for frequent tablet and smartphone use
  • More comfortable viewing than before
  • Increased visual acuity for smartphones and tablet screens.

Shamir Autograph III®

A New Visual Experience

Based on the groundbreaking new concept in lens design, Shamir Autograph III® is a balanced progressive lens, holistically adapted to the your prescription, ensuring a clear and comfortable visual experience for all.

A New Visual Experience

Advanced Technologies

1) Eyepoint Technology III®
The real-world-vision-experience

» Four times greater design stability to frame tilt variations, in any chosen frame.

2) Natural Posture™
New Ergonomic Design Concept

» Ergonomic design for comfortable natural posture

3) Intellicorridor™
Unique Power Profile for Clearer Vision

» Unique power profile for clearer vision in the transitional zone.

4) As-Worn Quadro™
Perfect vision for any frame choice

» Simulation of real world images for hyperopic and myopic presbyopes.

Shamir Spectrum™

Soft, comfortable vision like never before

An introductory free-form progressive that is quickly becoming the way of the future. Increased stability, wider reading area, and greater corridor width to provide more comfortable vision zones.


The low-down on Spectrum™

The Benefits

  • Wider corridor
  • Soft design
  • Stable distance
  • 3 designs: 14, 16, and 18mm

Why you need it…

  • Semi-personalized
  • More comfortable viewing in distance
  • Wider reading area

Shamir FirstPAL™

The first step in progressive lenses

When you’re new to progressives, it’s important to use them right away, so that as your reading prescription increases you already know how to use the lens and there are no issues adapting. It’s important to know that as your reading power increases, the corridor of reading is smaller. So the sooner the better!

The First Step

The low-down on FirstPAL™

The Benefits

  • Low add for easy PAL introduction
  • Wide and clear far vision
  • Comfortable reading area
  • Full add obtained quickly

Why you need it…

  • Introduces them to progressive lenses
  • Maximum viewing comfort throughout
  • Economically priced

Shamir Computer™

This is an advanced free form lens that provides a wide field of reading vision specifically designed for people who spend most of their day in front of a computer or within a five foot radius.


This lens is ideal for:

• Post office clerk
• Lab technician
• Software engineer
• Pianist
• Accountant
• Data Entry Clerk
• Artist
• Graphic designer
• Chemist

Shamir Workspace™

The best solution for mid-distance and reading area, offering a greater depth of vision up to ten feet. Ideal for near tasks as well as interacting with fellow employees.


This lens is ideal for:

• Florist
• Sales clerk
• Nurse
• Chef
• Receptionist
• Hair dresser
• Optician
• Surgeon

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