Shamir Attitude III ®

Attitude III ® | Fashion

For a progressive wearer. Provides a sun solution for day-to-day needs, such as:

• Driving
• Walking dog
• Playing with kids
• Relaxing at the park
• Attending outdoor sporting events

Attitude III ® | Sport

For a progressive wearer. Provides a sun solution for dynamic activities and sports, such as:

• Hiking
• Cycling
• Tennis
• Racquet ball
• Kayaking
• Basketball
• Running

Attitude III ® | SV

For a single vision wearer. Provides a sun solution for day-to-day activities and/or sports.

The low-down on Attitude III ®

The Benefits

• Available in a wrap frame
• Get the fashion you’ve always wanted in a prescription lens
• Wider range of prescriptions in the wrap frames you’ve dreamed of. We can accommodate more prescriptions than your average optical store.

Shamir Golf ™

A free form lens designed to ensure you can play the perfect game. Unlike standard progressives, the three vision zones are specifically tailored to the needs of golfers to maximize viewing: the scorecard in your hand, the ball at your feet, and the green in the distance. 

Playing Golf

The low-down on Golf™

The Benefits

• Specialty lens designed specifically for the golf enthusiast
• Designed for sharp vision at 3 crucial focal points
• Utilizes As-Worn Technology™ and EyePoint Technology ® 

Why you need it…

• Provides the player with a more comfortable golfing experience
• Clear peripheral viewing
• Personalized to the patient
• Designed specifically for wrap frames

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